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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Billy: Automated Estate Management Platform: Estate Planning

The only thing that will outlive us is our data and our legacy. So, how can emerging technologies and data be leveraged to fundamentally change the archetype for preparing and dealing with the administrative and logistical responsibilities and tasks surrounding death? How might we mitigate the human effort involved and decentralize the many processes that make up the estate planning process?

Humans strive to leave a mark, but the current estate planning system uses precious time and energy that could be repurposed into creating our legacy. The goal of this project is not only to disrupt this outdated industry but also to create new expectations of what preparing and dealing with death means so that human energy can be focused on leaving a mark.

Meet Billy. He mitigates the human effort involved in administrative and logistical tasks associated with the traditional estate planning process and shifts the model from “estate planning” to “automated estate management.”

Billy: Automated Estate Management Platform Billy: Automated Estate Management Platform

About the Designer

Nash Escalada, OCAD University

Nash Escalada is a recent Industrial Design graduate from OCAD University. Throughout his university career, he has worked with a diverse range of teams, including the multi-disciplinary Innovation and Advanced Technology group at General Motors, the design team at Myant Inc, as well as an OCAD design team in Costa Rica. His creative and analytical processes connect human-centered design and foresight methodologies to deliver meaningful and strategic solutions.