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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise is a toy series for both new, and veteran collectors. In its first phase of development, the toy line employs episodic narratives to introduce an audience to the newly developed world. With an expandable narrative immersing fans in the rich iconography of an alternate dimension of Miami, Florida, the audience is introduced to the illustrious cruise ship, “The Birds of Paradise. The titular character: Javier Rosado, will escort the audience through an embellished history that will be defined by new characters, locations and themes as the product expands.
Utilizing digital modelling software, 3D printing and repeatable process, the small batch production can explore materials and techniques relevant to narrative ques. With each phase of development, the narrative grows, and characters evolve to create a unique experience with every unboxing.
Come along on the journey and enjoy your stay aboard the Birds of Paradise.

About the Designer

Neil Smith

Whether it’s an eclectic collection or a cohesive series, I am a storyteller working with 3-dimensional media. With every past and prospective project, I ensure the social aspects are at the core and fun adorns every experience.