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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Boxaid: Boxaid: Advancement in Boxing Headgear Design & Padding

Current market standards of boxing headgear have shown to be incapable of providing an apt form of protection from the elements of sparring, being made with cheap foam that is unable to properly protect against the kinetic energy of a punch. Boxaid was designed as a reaction to this issue, focusing on providing equipment that is capable of performing to its utmost potential. Designed to prolong an athlete’s career and lifespan, Boxaid utilizes a stronger padding system with a sleek form unique from all other market headgears.

About the Designer

Akbar Anwari, Sheridan

Akbar is an industrial designer who works towards finding ways to both improve upon and further define solutions for design issues. Having an interest in human interaction and ergonomics, Akbar aims to implement ways in which our everyday lives can be made more comfortable in whatever we do.