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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

callout: Microintervention platform

Callout is a digital and physical experience aiming to fight against microaggressions within educational institutions. It includes a digital platform, an intervention jewelry piece, and a physical environment designed to encourage collective microinterventions between Asian-Canadians, their peers, and school faculties. With the emphasis on individual self-awareness, collective engagement, and knowledge sharing, Callout creates inclusive educational spaces for cultural minorities. Collective actions in calling out microaggressions and individual biases build a common understanding of cultural diversity and foster a welcoming environment.

About the Designer


Shu Jun Zhang, OCADU

I am an artist, designer, and creative thinker with a passion in cultural expression and an interest in redefining everyday human relationships through physical and digital experiences. I believe that art and design can bring individuals together to create something bigger than ourselves.