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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Goal 11 of the 17 UN Goals of Sustainability seeks to ‘make cities inclusive, safe and resilient and sustainable.’ CALO aims to ensure developing communities have access to adequate, safe and clean water with the hope of strengthening efforts to protect and sustain the country’s heritage, culture, and limited natural sources CALO is a grey water disposal systems for the Philippines, focusing on lower income communities that do not have the infrastructures to properly dispose and process water. The Philippines has an abundance of coconuts that can be utilized in multiple ways including water purification. CALO encourages the use of coconut husk in the filtration system providing an opportunity to reduce the disposal of plastic filter casings into the environment. Through a user-centered design approach, CALO is a grey water capturing system that is developed to help prevent grey water from entering into the local freshwater sources, therefore improving the health and well-being of the local population.

About the Designer

Muriel Revisa, Carleton University

Muriel Revisa is a recent graduate of Carleton University School of Industrial Design. Included in her degree is a year internship in the Philippines with furniture designer Vito Selma. While there, she explored aspects of her final thesis (i.e., research and development) that would eventually lead her to the creation of “Calo”