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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Capriana System: Modular Residential Seating

After completing an in-depth study of interior spaces, specifically targeting seating, I discovered a common theme. The environments felt stiff, directing the user instead of the user defining how they would use the space. I investigated different seating positions of users on pre-existing couches to help inform my design process. The goal is to provide a playful experience with various seating components to allow the user to transform the space to best suit their needs.

Capriana utilizes a slotting system within each seat, allowing for various components to be inserted and moved easily. The system’s simplistic form creates playful compositions allowing the user to explore different seating positions, whether they are relaxing alone or with a group.

About the Designer

Nathan Spies, Sheridan College

Experiences are able to create lasting memories and deep connections with one another. As a designer I aim to shape these experiences through objects amplifying their intended function.