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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Clean Sweep Housekeeping Cart: Redesigning the housekeeping process to help rebuild confidence in the hospitality industry.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused the hospitality and tourism industry to come to a near stand still as people have become wary to travel as they are unsure how safe and clean it is to do so. This industry will still be facing challenges even after we start returning to normal.

‘Clean Sweep’ is a housekeeping cart that is designed to create a more efficient and effective cleaning process while also instilling confidence through clean aesthetics. The result is a cart that hotels want to display to their customers instead of always keeping the cleaning process behind the scenes with the goal of increased awareness surrounding the cleanliness of these spaces. With the possibility of being assembled in multiple configurations, hotels and housekeepers are able to finely tune ‘Clean Sweep’ to meet their specific needs.

About the Designer

Eric Pond, Carleton University

I am an enthusiastic industrial designer who thoroughly enjoys the hands-on approach. I enjoy creating products that combine efficiency and functionality with good aesthetics with the ultimate goal of improving the life of the end user.