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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Cloud: Air travel independence for passengers with physical limitations

Airports and airlines are held to a different standard of accessibility compared to other modes of transportation. Passengers with disabilities suffer from many challenges throughout their journey. Upon arrival at the airport they are required to deal with long travel distances and crowded spaces, while boarding they are in danger of physical injury due to tight aisles and untrained staff. Cloud was developed to give passengers access to their mobility device at all times reducing the need for staff intervention. This is reinforced by a design that collapses small enough to fit underneath an airline seat. Cloud also looks into how navigating and boarding can be enhanced by offering critical information on the remote control device. These features make Cloud an efficient improvement to the airline standard.

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About the Designer

Emmett Bartley, Humber

Exploring industrial design started with childhood curiosity, blossoming into passion at Humber College. From mastering CAD to prioritizing sustainability, my approach was shaped by experimentation and dedication.