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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Cocoon: Adaptive And Sensory-Friendly Clothing For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Our world is full of sensory stimuli which can be overwhelming for a child with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorder. In turn, this can lead to increased stress and poor mental health. Cocoon is a set of sensory-friendly apparel, designed for use by children when traveling by air. The changes in routine, loud noises, unpredictable crowds can present as triggers, creating anxiety for the child. In turn, Cocoon’s design features create a comfortable and safe experience for the child, reducing their stress and helping them reconnect with the world around them.

About the Designer

Incia Khalid, Humber College

Hello, my name is Incia Khalid and I am an emerging industrial designer. I believe design to be an advanced form of communication that has the power to change our communities. I am motivated by the world’s complex social issues, and a desire to create a world that is inclusive and equitable through meaningful design.