Our Code

With the adoption of revised bylaws in 2001, ACIDO’s Board took an additional step of ratifying a comprehensive Code of Ethics that set out member’s responsibilities and that govern many aspects of professional practice. Upon becoming members of ACIDO, practitioners of all types agree to accept this Code and govern themselves accordingly. This Code should be read and understood by all members, reviewed periodically and amended as necessary.

We, the members of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) recognize that our work affects the very quality of life in our society. We accept the challenge of this responsibility by striving for the highest ethical standards as set forth in this Code of Ethics and we pledge to uphold and advance the integrity of our profession.

Fundamental Ethical Principles:
• We shall use our knowledge and skill for the enrichment of human well-being.
• We shall be honest and fair in serving the public, our clients, employers, employees and students regardless of race, religion, sex, age, disability or national origin.
• We shall strive to maintain sufficient knowledge of relevant current events and trends so we will be able to assess the cultural, environmental, technological and economic effects of our decisions.
• We shall support one another in achieving our goal of maintaining high professional standards and levels of competence, and honoring the commitments we make.

Section 1. Our Responsibilities to the Public:

  1. Our foremost professional concern shall be the public’s safety and their economic and general well being;
  2. As concerned citizens and responsible designers, we shall produce designs that will respect our environment and the ecosystem. We shall also use our influence with our colleagues, clients, associates, employers, employees, students and the public at large to convince them to strive, both as individuals and, as a society, to produce work that is safe for and compatible with our environment.
  3. We shall participate only in projects we judge to be ethically sound and in conformance with pertinent legal regulations;
  4. We shall advise our clients and employers when we have serious reservations concerning projects we have been assigned.

Section 2. Our Responsibilities to Employers and Clients:

  1. We shall provide our employers and clients with original and innovative design service of high quality;
  2. We shall serve their interests as faithful agents;
  3. We shall treat privileged information with discretion;
  4. We shall communicate effectively with their appropriate staff members;
  5. We shall avoid conflicts of interest;
  6. We shall establish clear contractual understandings regarding obligations of both parties;
  7. We shall work on competing product lines simultaneously only with the agreement of all concerned.

Section 3. Our Responsibilities to Our Colleagues

  1. We shall compete fairly with our colleagues;
  2. We shall build our professional reputation primarily on the quality of our work;
  3. We shall issue only truthful, objective and non-misleading public statements and promotional materials;
  4. We shall respect competitors’ contractual relationships with their clients;
  5. We shall comment only with candor and fairness regarding the character of work of other industrial designers.

Section 4. Our Responsibilities to Our Employees

  1. We shall provide our employees with clear contractual understandings and fair and adequate compensation for their work;
  2. We shall provide them with appropriate work environments;
  3. We shall provide them, insofar as possible, with challenging assignments and responsibilities commensurate with their skills;
  4. We shall support their professional development and provide opportunities to extend their education;
  5. We shall credit them appropriately for their accomplished work.

Section 5. Our Responsibilities to Our Students

  1. Our fundamental concern in design education is to uphold and advance the standards for our students;
  2. We shall implement sufficiently inclusive curricula and require satisfactory proficiency to enable students to enter the profession with adequate knowledge and skills;
  3. We shall provide opportunities for internships and observation of practicing designers;
  4. We shall respect students’ rights to ownership of their designs;
  5. We shall credit our students fairly for their accomplished work.

Section 7. Our Responsibilities for Professional Development

  1. We shall uphold and advance our professional competence throughout our careers by further education;
  2. We shall participate in appropriate professional societies;
  3. We shall stay abreast of developments in our profession;
  4. We shall accept and give only honest and constructive criticism;
  5. We shall extend our fields of expertise by seeking increasingly challenging and responsible assignments;

Section 8. Our Responsibilities to our Profession

  1. We shall effectively communicate with the public regarding the benefits of industrial design services;
  2. We shall publish in trade, professional and other journals;
  3. We shall involve ourselves in community and government affairs;
  4. We shall not accept ethical misconduct on the part of our members or our associates, particularly, but not exclusively, when violations of the law are involved;
  5. We shall abide by this Code of Ethics.

Section 9. Our Support of One Another

  1. We shall support one another as officers and members of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario;
  2. We shall provide forums wherein a variety of viewpoints may be expressed;
  3. We shall actively implement the program suggested in the ACIDO Objectives and this Code;
  4. We shall be supportive to members whose careers are placed in jeopardy by adherence to this Code.

Section 10. Jurisdiction
The interpretation and implementation of the ACIDO Code of Ethics and Professional Practices
falls under the jurisdiction of the Ethics Committee of the Association of the Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario.

Dated in Toronto, Ontario on the 24th. day of May, 2001

Download a PDF Copy of ACIDO’s Code of Ethics