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Rocket Finalist

Collapsible Compost Toilet: Sustainable portable compost toilet designed for large scale capacity

Water pollution created from agriculture, industrial and domestic waste, has led to both a decrease in water quality and an increase in scarcity. The greatest contributor to water pollution is wastewater, which damages our ecosystems, increases human health risks and limits our access to safe drinking water. The entire system of how we deal with our wastewater is flawed. Compost toilets have far less environmental impacts than conventional flush toilets. Focusing on the sixth UN sustainability goal, I designed a collapsible, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly compost toilet.


About the Designer

Maya Chopra, Carleton University

I am an adventurous individual who loves the outdoors, music and sports. I have a strong passion for our environment and believe as designers we can make a difference in building a sustainable future.