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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Merit: Entro Storytelling Award


Navigating the bustling, chaotic airport environment can be a significant source of stress for many fliers. Existing signage is often too general, and relies on keen sensory abilities. compass is a three-part system that uses RFID technology to clearly provide unique directional assistance at a glance. Forgoing a GPS-style app, compass can direct users to their destination in one quick and passive environmental interaction. Shaped by considerations for older adult travelers, compass is an accessible wayfinding solution that can be used by anyone.

About the Designer


Sean McKenna, Carleton University

I’m a recent Carleton BID graduate with a DIY attitude, an eye for style and a drive to innovate. My priority in everything I design is to foster a relationship between the product and user through honest, intuitive operation and streamlined function and form.