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Swave Studios Product Foresight Award

Consign: Metropolitan Parcel Distribution

Global industries rely on parcel handling companies everyday, and have significantly increased dependence with digital commerce. Many companies continue to use transports that rely on manual labor that is becoming progressively intensive, putting strain on these systems. To assist the parcel handlers and accelerate company commerce, this thesis project was developed as a solution to the urban transportation of parcels. User and industry studies inform ergonomic workflows, alternative methods of delivery, organization, security and awareness. The culmination of these factors has led to the design of a compact transportation vehicle capable of deploying curbside vending machine equipment and other cargo packages to reduce manual labor and save resources including time. Ergonomics focused on a concept canopy with a standing-leaning drivers’ seat. Autonomous operation was also explored in an industry exploring its potential. The harmony of these elements created a user-centered delivery system to benefit a large connection of users.

Consign Consign

Consign Model Demo .


About the Designer

Evan Demczuk, Humber College

I have a passion for bringing my ideas to paper, which directed me pursue Industrial Design. The perfect merriment of visualization and practicality for me to help others as an avid illustrator and thoughtful idea-maker.