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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Contour: Tattoo Workstation Workflow & Comfort

Tattoo artists are an understudied group of professionals that conduct precise and permanent procedures made possible by their ability to work in their niche environment. Tattooing has been a practice for thousands of years but has become more mainstream in the 1970s. Still, as the growth in this industry continues to rise, ergonomic considerations, tattoo furniture, technology, and equipment have had considerably less evolution to keep pace with their users. Tattoo artists experience musculoskeletal pain from sitting in intense, awkward, and leaning postures for 8 hours or more daily, which can deteriorate their physical and mental health. With limited variety and options in tattoo workstation furniture, tattoo artists and clients must make ergonomic sacrifices and adaptations in order to produce and receive their tattoos.


About the Designer

Mary-Beth Scully, Humber

“I’m Mary-Beth Scully and I’m an Industrial Designer who is passionate about many things. Combining my interest in art and technology gives me the creative freedom to bring my ideas to life. My perspective is that design is largely about communication. As a young designer, I look forward to capitalizing on my multiple interests in a specialization that produces for other curious people.