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ACAD Micro Prototyping Award

Cove: A temporary smartphone attachment that lessens cognitive strain for traumatic brain injury victims

When suffering from a traumatic head injury (TBI), the inability to perform everyday tasks is devastating to a person’s mental well-being and recovery. Victims suffer from memory loss, depression, fogginess, severe headaches, and can become overstimulated very easily. Their ability to lead their everyday lives is vastly impaired.
Cove is a low-cost device that temporarily attaches to users smartphones to simplify the functions of the phone for individuals with traumatic brain injuries, all without aggravating their symptoms. It is designed with particular attention to simplicity and intuitive use to help individuals with any severity of head injuries.

Cove Cove


About the Designer

Yasmine Riachi, Carleton University

I am an inquisitive industrial designer who enjoys taking a hands-on approach. I enjoy coming up with creative solutions and exploring possibilities. I aim to fail at the start of the design process in order to gather as much information to create thoroughly thought out designs that will have have a meaningful impact. All while considering materials, aesthetics, and functionality.