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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

CrowdShield: An innovative robotic crowd management system focused on detecting incidents before they happen.

CrowdShield is a robotic crowd management system capable of providing elevated crowd safety through the detection and prevention of crowd crush events. This is accomplished through the use of semi-autonomous robots that work in tandem with a Robotics Operator who is responsible for ensuring robot and crowds interact safely, and a Security Operations Center platform responsible for monitoring crowds and facilitating quick communications with security personnel. The system is capable of identifying potential crowd crush situations, while facilitating quick communications and response times. The robots prioritize safety, efficiency, and ease of operation while they influence crowd movements with their presence.

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About the Designer

Kole Tromp, Carleton

Kole Tromp recently completed his 4th year at the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University with a minor in psychology. Kole has a passion for designing durable products that blend their functions seamlessly into engaging forms. Whether working on his projects or spending time exercising his passion for extreme sports, Kole delivers innovative solutions for any problems he encounters.