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Rocket Finalist

Dasien: Meditation System

Dasein a is home system that provide interactions with users through breathing, light and sound to inspire young professional to learn to be confidence of being solitude in daily lives. This interaction divide into two parts. First, it will track user’s breathing rate, then bring the users into different natural scenarios that can helps them stay calm and imagine the contrast between the nature and the reality.The whole concept consists of a lamp system and a small seat. Once the user is sitting in the seat. The light will automatically turn on due to the pressure sensor. Seating is a response to user needs, and lighting is a response to this concept.


About the Designer

Zhuojun Liu, OCAD University

I am Leon (zhuojun) Liu. I focus on product design, tangible experience, and furniture.
I like to observe our society, understand humans, and use unique and reasonable perspectives to find new possibilities. Thereby promoting the quality of life and the perfect balance between us and nature.