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ACIDO Rocket 3D CAD Award presented by Onshape PTC

Duun: Enhanced Sand Dune Riding Experience

Sand dune riding is a sought-after and exhilarating recreational activity, yet aspects like safety, sustainability, and accessibility warrant improvement. Minimizing ecological impact through a sustainable approach is vital for preserving these fragile environments. Harsh climates and challenging terrains underline the need for enhanced safety. While exploring solutions focused on safety, ecosystem preservation, environmental harm reduction, and improved accessibility, Duun was designed. The electric-powered board excels on sand, this along with the airless omni-directional wheel being gentle on the terrain ensures an environmentally conscious and exhilarating experience. The AR integrated helmet enhances safety features for dune riding, while also providing the ability to capture and share the experience. Duun aims to comprehensively enhance the sand dune riding experience, recognizing the need for an integrated, sustainable, and accessible approach.

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About the Designer

Carlie Besser, Humber

Driven by a profound passion for innovation, my fascination with design extends from meticulous research to creative ideation and prototyping. I am deeply committed to ongoing learning, constantly seeking to enhance my expertise and push past my limits. I am highly adaptable and actively seek out challenges that allow for growth. Life is an endless opportunity to inspire, create, and innovate.