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AACIDO Rocket Finalist

E.M.-T.O.S.S.: Efficient training for professional baseball pitchers

Baseball pitchers, both while training and in-game, continuously go through the repetitive motion of throwing. The stress on their bodies from this act alone can often lead to injuries and surgeries such as Tommy John surgery. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to affectively resist the motion of the pitch, meaning that training such as strength training, is resorted to additional weighted exercises that are physically and mentally disconnected from the throwing motion. Through study of pitching biomechanics, E.M.-T.O.S.S. was designed to provide training benefits, such as strength-training resistance, to more efficiently train pitchers, consequently increasing overall performance while reducing injury from traditional over use.

E.M.-T.O.S.S. E.M.-T.O.S.S.

About the Designer

Alec Paprocki, Humber College

I have a passion for creating eye-catching products that ultimately fix user problems as well as improve the overall experience. I believe form follows function and a good design’s form should produce interest, as well as lead the user through the experience.