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Array Social Awareness & Sustainability Award


Earthbound is a soil scanning system for small-scale organic farmers in North America with up to 15 acres. The Earthbound system addresses the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 which aims for Sustainable Consumption and Production by 2030. The system does so by providing support and information to organic farmers about their soil health and relevant organic solutions. The Earthbound tool uses micro near-infrared spectrometry(NIRs) technology to scan and analyze soil on-the-spot. The tool pairs with a desktop interface which allows farmers to review soil health, search the plant database and connect with a community of farmers. The desktop interface provides farmers with detailed test reports and organic-minded solutions the farmer can use to address their specific problems.

About the Designer  

Meagan Louie, Carleton University

I’m an industrial designer who loves tackling problems and using blue verithins. I have a growing passion for sustainability in design and am interested in exploring different areas of design.