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Rocket Finalist

FARMGO: Ergonomic Agricultural Equipment

Farming is one of the biggest and oldest industries in the world and is a major contributor to the Canadian economy. One of the main issues agricultural farmers face is developing health problems, which are often caused by the repetitive physical demands of driving a tractor. Farmers are seated in the tractor and repeatedly twist their backs and necks to see behind them. These movements often lead to arthritis, specifically in their back and hips. The aim of this project is to develop a product that will reduce farmers’ risk of developing arthritis and other conditions. Research was used to gain insight about how common ergonomic issues in tractors impact farmers health. This product will factor the use involved in traditional tractor driving, and suggest a useful solution. Farmers will be able to comfortably drive a tractor with the added opportunity to reduce their strains while working.

About the Designer

Kurtis Runge, Humber College

Kurtis is a Humber Industrial Design graduate who is passionate about product design and how it enhances a user’s experience. He believes attention to detail, honest design and hard work are the key features involved in uniting the form and function into a beautiful product.