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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Finsight: An IBM-powered platform offering a comprehensive view of finances, connecting insights and learning to enhance your unique financial position.

The current financial landscape is marked by a generic approach to wealth management, which often overlooks individual needs and goals, compounded by a general lack of financial literacy. This scenario makes personal financial navigation challenging for many. Finsight emerges as a transformative solution, customizing financial education and management to align with each user’s unique values, goals, and understanding. This platform not only addresses the critical issue of financial mismanagement but also cultivates financial knowledge and self-awareness. The impact is significant, providing users with a comprehensive view of their financial health and empowering them with the insights and tools needed to seize growth opportunities, simplifying the complexities of personal finance.

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About the Designer

Julien Benghozi, OCADU

I specialize in product innovation, blending technical expertise with market insights to enhance business strategies and user experiences, aspiring to become a micro-expert in various industries.