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Shepp ID Health & Wellness Award

fit4me: In-home rehabilitation monitoring program powered by artificial intelligence

Fit4Me is an industry 4.0 solution platform which addresses three critical components of the rehabilitative care life cycle.

  1. Prescribes exercises individualized to patient bio-metrics.
  2. Manages the delivery and monitoring of the prescribed exercise programs in the home environment.
  3. Facilitates evaluation and feedback.

All three stages are supported with A.I based technology.

About the Designer

Aras Puodziunas, OCAD University

I may still be naive, but I do believe that designers are uniquely positioned to make positive change. My design apprenticeship in product and automotive, systems and entrepreneurship within the United States and Canada has led me to appreciate that science, art and technology are not mutually exclusive. Striving to achieve a balance between these disciplines is my driving philosophy.

Aras’ webpage can be found at https://arasdesign.myportfolio.com/