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ACIDO Third Place

Entro Design Thinking Award

Flock: A service and product design for pandemic travel

Flock is a service and product design concept that mitigates the spread of infectious diseases during air travel. By grouping passengers into ‘cohorts,’ the system reduces the risk of transmission between passengers. Along with providing a safer way to travel, Flock introduces increased accessibility and peace of mind for travellers. In the gate waiting area, passengers receive communications through auditory and visual methods. This multi-modal format allows differently-abled and foreign passengers to have access to clear, transparent information. The Flock system also instills peace of mind in passengers who decide to travel during a pandemic. Passengers can find comfort in the idea of travelling with a set cohort and being physically separated with privacy screens in the gate waiting area.

About the Designer

Claire Evans, Carleton University

Claire Evans is a designer that’s passionate about creating human-centered solutions that improve people’s lives and bring value to businesses. She’s currently based out of Vancouver BC, growing her career in the area of UX Strategy.