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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Form is the ideal solution for reducing repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) in sewing applications. By incorporating several ergonomic elements, Form is able to reduce any unnecessary strain on commonly used muscle groups. By providing a large range of adjustment, Form is able to convert between sitting and standing positions allowing sewers to rest muscle groups throughout the day. Form reaches as broad of a demographic as possible through the use of intuitive, customizable, and universally understood infographics displayed on its three OLED touch screens. Form is also designed to allow for several work flow styles making adoption and integration within current factory settings simple and cost effective. By using Form, businesses are choosing to invest in a sustainable future for their workers, who will have a higher quality of life; and in their businesses which will see returns in productivity and an improved working culture.

About the Designer


Samuel Parker

Hi I’m Sam. I got into design to solve problems and improve the experience of products that leave you wondering WHY! Moving forward I am looking to combine my enthusiasm for solving problems and improving experiences with my passion for sport and my active lifestyle.