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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


“frego” is food packaging that educates students about the proper nutrient intake needed. Each food package has a food theme such as, vitamin, iron, calcium, detox and mini salad, that giving students the option to choose what best suits their needs. Cooking is often looked upon as work, and “frego” will convert the thought of work to play and motivate students so that students can be excited to cook and eat healthier. The design concept is a concept that can be more intimate and have a fun approach by characterizing each food theme. Different colours and character shapes distinguish the food theme. These packaging line will be display in vending machine at each campus and give an opportunity to students to eat healthier meals. It is a convenient, fast, and simple way to get food so it strongly appeals to consumers.

About the Designer

Ji Yeon Han, OCAD University

I am a graduating student from OCAD University majoring in Industrial Design. My design aesthetic is generally minimal, and believe that small, simple designs have great value. I love hands-on work and hope to experience a wider world of design.