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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Genesis Goalie Pads: Pave the way you want to play

The Genesis Goalie Pads are a proposed solution to making hockey a more accessible sport for those that wish to pursue it, but cannot due to economic barriers. Through modularity, it allows personalization (through colour and setup), and the reparability of components that frequently wear out on most pads in the current market. This modularity also has an added benefit of allowing users to make the equipment fit even if they have grown too big for their current setup. After product testing, it can also be safely said that the components are easily assembled, while not having the need to worry about the appendages accidentally being removed while in use.

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About the Designer

Andrew Ball, OCADU

My name is Andrew Ball, and I am an aspiring product designer with a strong focus on sustainability. Through meticulous and insightful research, my goal is to create meaningful products that address specific needs and provide effective solutions.