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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Excellence: ACIDO Second Place

Awards of Speciality: Umbra People’s Choice Award


Genesis is a flood rescue water craft designed to be deployed during emergency flooding events. Currently, floods appear frequently in headlines world-wide. Flooding can result in drownings, injuries and waterborne illnesses; as well as place stress on victims, first responders and support personnel. Genesis provides flood victims with a means of self-reliance and safe-evacuation to free-up specialized personnel to deal with those truly in need of assistance. Genesis is an origami-inspired self-evacuation solution. Designed with the user in mind, Genesis is light-weight, easily deployed and re-deployable. It can be compactly transported and stored as a folded backpack. The origami design, results in a highly efficient and cost-effective emergency water craft solution. Genesis is constructed ergonomically, featuring inflatable seating, providing stability and added emergency floatation for three people, plus small load and family pets. Genesis enables flood victims to unfold their own rescue plan by keeping them afloat in dangerous flood waters.



About the Designer

Philippe Gagne, Humber College

Working as an individual or as part of a design team, I draw on discipline and creativity to scientifically and artistically engage in all aspects of the design process. With meticulous attention to detail, and an eye for aesthetics, my aim is to provide users with useful and sustainable products with lasting value.