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ACIDO Rocket Future Generations Award (Copernicus)

Groove: Groove is a collaborative device design to aid in the development of healthy habits.

Groove allows users to connect with an individual who shares the same goal of increased social connection and improved well-being. Together through the app, users select a habit they wish to develop over a 28 day period and interact with the device to hold each other and themselves accountable. Unlike popular fitness and health trackers, Groove is a physical product that is designed around the concept of collaboration and accountability. Users must complete their task in order for their friends device to illuminate and vice versa. This shared responsibility and added pressure will encourage users to remain consistent in building new habits. The fun aesthetic which comes in three colour ways will provide users with a health and wellness device that is able to be displayed proudly in the users home. Through daily use, users are assisted in developing healthy habits, connecting with friends, and getting back into the groove of a healthy lifestyle post COVID-19.