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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Grown Up Play: Scalable methodology for play centric design, including toolkit and product samples.

Daunting, ambiguous and highly personalized – What does play look like and how do you design for it? The importance of play and identities based in play allow for increased motivation and excitement, reduce opportunities for burnout and overall, to live a more authentic life. “Grown Up Play” is a methodology that quantifies play and is packaged in the form of scalable tools; For individuals to reflect and take informed, decisive action towards playful living and for designers to create meaningful and engaging experiences and products around play. In this project you will find engagement metrics, product mapping, UX guides and activity planners with example product pitches with this thinking applied.

About the Designer

Jalen Gubatan, OCAD University

My design process centres around the belief that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and I am nothing if not thorough. In my work I am passionate about creating meaningful and experiential moments through physical events, digital content, and soft goods to name a few.