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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


A balancing exercise instrument to improve older adults’ balance for preventing fall injuries and placing an emphasis on music, synchronicity, creativity and social interaction. As the instructor and participants are on/off the board, the instructor chooses a song to be played on all of the boards. If the participants fail to mimic the actions performed by the instructor, the song being played sounds muffled and the board vibrates to give the user feedback that they are not staying in sync. This instrument makes fitness classes more enjoyable and adds variety to balancing activities.

About the Designer

Brandon Lewandowski

Brandon Lewandowski is a motivated industrial designer, passionate about understanding and shaping the way people interact with products and interfaces. He is the type of designer who enjoys completing new tasks, regardless of the challenges that might occur. He is a firm believer of perseverance and will always put his best foot forward in any task that he takes on individually, or in a group.