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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Harmony is a contemporary approach to music therapy for youth with Autism. The device acts as a sampler which requires audio/ vocal input to begin to form music. The two-sided body and functionality naturally lends itself to a social, two user experience which encourages communication while providing an interactive, engaging learning experience of music production through the use of the 6 sample pads, shared sequencer, FX modules and tactile speaker panel. Harmony ultimately sets out to get both users comfortable with connecting with one another whilst stimulating both cognitive and motor stimuli with a controlled, safe platform. The experience aims to get the user comfortable with their own voice and environment around them.

About the Designer

Robert Rigo, Humber College

I am an excitable designer still with my child-like sense of wonder driven by my passion for music and design. Inspired everyday, I love to explore outside my comfort zone to widen my horizons, with the end-goal of creating engaging, interactive experiences to hopefully inspire others the same.