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ACIDO Rocket 1st Place
The Agency Award presented by Fredicus

Hydrex: Facilitating Emergency Aquatic Extrication with Inflation Technology

The proposed project aims to address the optimization of aquatic rescue practices for victims of traumatic spinal injury to ultimately improve patient outcome. The developed product will concerns pre-hospital/EMS care in low-resource aquatic scenarios; it will function as an improvement to existing aquatic rescue equipment that is currently industry standard. Existing criticism surrounding current practices, along with the nuances of aquatic rescue creates a foundation for product development that provides a safer, more comfortable and easier transported rescue device.

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About the Designer

Olivia Pucci, Carleton

Olivia Pucci is a passionate industrial designer awarded for academic excellence both within Carleton University and the Faculty of Industrial Design. Concurrent to her study, she pairs her interest in soft-goods design with her personal background in outdoor recreation to her work designing and developing technical apparel for white-water paddling applications.