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ACIDO Rocket Award

Commercial Equipment Award


This product is a construction equipment designed around sustainability and improving users’ experience. The project’s focus was on the sustainable development of road networks to address the increasing demand of growing cities and communities. This project has explored an opportunity to fix the potholes and minor asphalt damages in metropolitan cities many of which are expensive and time consuming to repair. The design proposal is for a compact and maneuverable construction machine that combines the functionality of all the tools necessary to fix our roads. This design implements the current feasible technologies in one package that will make recycling the roads a possibility. Moreover, this design will increase workers’ safety by minimizing the risk of inhaling asphalt fumes or silica dust that can be cancerous. The asymmetrical design of this machine will also increase frontal visibility while protecting the operator from incoming traffic.


About the Designer

Alireza Saeedi, Carleton University

My name is Alireza Saeedi. I have just finished studying Industrial Design in Carleton University. I will be looking forward to pursue a career in Automotive Design after graduation.