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ACIDO Rocket 2nd Place

iVa!: Flavor on the move

In Mexico City, informal commerce serves as a livelihood for many. With street food vending employing a workforce of about 80k, the city exhibits a dynamic yet challenging vending environment. Street food vendors face challenges such as constant mobility which leads to physical injuries due to the improvised design of their vending setups. In addition, their low-income stratum significantly restricts access to ergonomic vending solutions. The solution, iVa!, an innovative design focusing on ergonomic improvements and cultural integration. iVa! is tailored to alleviate physical strain, enhance efficiency through modular, adaptable components, and blend aesthetically with urban settings. It seeks to respect vendors’ economic realities while offering scalable, sustainable enhancements. This project proposes a model that could serve similar environments worldwide, advocating for a balanced blend of Mexico’s rich cultural essence with the practical needs of its street vendors, aiming for improved vendor well-being and a rejuvenated street vending scene.

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About the Designer

Lilia Martínez Nenclares, Humber

Raised in Mexico City, my designs reflect the vivid colors and textures of my childhood. Since my first art class at eight, creativity has fueled my work, leading me to value environments where it thrives. My education blends artistic vision with practical manufacturing skills, allowing me to realize ideas effectively.”