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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

JAMAIS VU: A sustainable fashion through circularity and storytelling.

A garbage truck full of clothes is thrown into a landfill every second, and we throw the clothes out just because we can.
JAMAIS VU is a conceptual solution to fashion’s unsustainable practices. French for “never seen,” an illusory experience where the familiar suddenly feels unfamiliar. It romanticizes the storytelling of garments and encourages a circular economy. Stories are told through tags with Bluetooth Low Energy chips, where users access through their phones. Each garment has an archive filled with memories and experiences, giving an agency to users to integrate unique individuality into their garments. It also provides a platform to recirculate clothes ready to be passed on, entrusting both the garment and story to new owners, helping close the loop.
JAMAIS VU aims to bring back the notion of emotional connection, an endearing attachment to inanimate objects, made of intertwined emotional threads, that is clothes, and that is fashion.


About the Designer

Naoya Takahashi, OCAD University

Naoya is a designer, a maker, and a fashion enthusiast with a passion for physical products and the aesthetics of everyday objects. He is an international student from Japan with a unique perspective and philosophy by combining his heritage and Western influences acquired through living and interacting with people from all over the world. His empathic and extroverted personality helps him to understand people’s needs, establishing connections at a deeper level to solve human problems.