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Rocket Finalist

Journi: An Ergonomic Aid for Home Healthcare Professionals

With the rapidly increasing population of elderly individuals, hospitals and specialized care centers have found themselves stretched to the limits in regards to both physical and personnel based resources. This lack of infrastructure coupled with the dangers of prolonged stays in the hospital environment is leading to an increasing reliance on home or community-based healthcare. An integral element of this approach to community healthcare are the professionals who travel from home to home each day, checking up on patients and ensuring their continued quality of care.

Journi represents an examination of the challenges involved in providing community-based healthcare. In a constantly changing, dynamic environment, Journi gives travelling healthcare professionals much needed control over their care delivery.

About the Designer

Dawson Clark, Carleton University

I believe in listening over speaking, empathy over assumptions, and hard work over talent. It is my desire to design for those who can most benefit from thorough, well-researched solutions.