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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Kino: Cinematic storytelling for all

Kino is a digital platform for storytelling in the age of artificial intelligence that transcends physical limitations of time, space, and resources. A platform where anyone can turn their ideas into full-fledged cinematic works of art without any previous experience in acting or film production.

Powerful cinematic storytelling have always been centralized to film studios due to the monumental costs and the hundreds of stakeholders involved throughout production, but thanks to major advancements in generative artificial intelligence capabilities, the means to tell stories in film format can be made accessible for the average person. The quality of generative storytelling would be virtually indistinguishable from traditional means of production, but at less than a fraction of the cost in comparison.

Kino aims to revolutionize the landscape of cinematic storytelling by making film production democratized, decentralized, and dynamic. Starting a new chapter of humanity’s storytelling culture by giving everyone the freedom and power to create compelling narratives.

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About the Designer

Alex Li, OCADU

I’m a product designer with a passion for creating delightful products and services people want. I have experience working in SaaS and hardware technology startups where I leveraged design thinking and user research to develop solutions for complex problems.