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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Kinspeople: Service Design

In an era where increasingly more businesses and startups wish to create more impact with the limited time we have, how might we leverage our global and local human capital to drive forward our mission-driven businesses and startups? Kinspeople is the only digital network that builds community and partnership for young entrepreneurs on an international level, who want to make a difference in an era of finding meaningful work.
This is a project designed with dream-builders, purpose-seekers, and project do-ers in mind. We are people who can make shifts in the world. We have potential to generate an impact, make a dent, and provide new systems and services.

Kinspeople Kinspeople

Based on a True Story: Kinspeople

About the Designer

Anna Peng, OCAD University

Offering quiet optimism and a source of gentle entrepreneurship, Anna Peng is an industrial designer who has a love for marketing and branding. She writes daily for creatives who want to inch out of their “shells” and you can find it on her site at www.annapeng.ca