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Custom Prototypes Additive Manufacturing Excellence Award

Kinware X Brace: Custom Athletic 3D Printed Back Brace

KINWARE is an entrepreneurial start-up that provides customized athletic focused braces and orthesis. Capitalizing on current and future advancements in 3D technology, such as 3D scanning and additive manufacturing, KINWARE provides users with a highly bespoke product experiences that collaborates with health professionals and local manufacturing. KINWARE’s initial product launch is the X Brace, a dynamic athletic back brace that utilizes flexible polymer materials and specialized lattice design to provide targeted elastic dampening and stabilization of the lower back, while providing improved range of motion. The X Brace orthesis component will be 3D printed using flexible TPU polymers and as such can be highly customized depending on the users needs, providing health care professional the ability to prescribe various levels of rigidity best suited for the users needs.

About the Designer

Paul Danial, Carleton University

An enthusiastic industrial designer with a passion for understanding the human body and its complex process, to better design products and experiences that seamlessly integrates with our natural physical and cognitive abilities. I believe good design is driven by solving complex problems with simple solutions.