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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


KŌDEN is a combination of room dividers and ambient digital technology for compact-shared-spaces. It offers a growing population of renters the ability to control the physical and ambient qualities their environment, in order to support new behavioral habits leading to better relationships between roommates. With integrated sound and audio experiences, KŌDEN can instantly change the quality of a rooms ambience. KŌDEN’s Ambient Projector pairs with any smart device to be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the home. The Ambient Projector is capable of projecting a variety of ambient experiences. From blue lights and rain sounds for relaxation, to flashing lights with high energy music, the ambient projector can change the feeling of any environment instantly. With both physical and ambient control, renters are empowered to create new environments, creating fluidity and harmony amidst the micro-community. Through strengthening relationships within the home, we find that people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

About the Designer

Martin Luu, OCAD University

Martin Luu is an emerging industrial designer from Toronto. To him, great design is the result of curiosity and rigor – a playful, iterative process to find the soul of a product.