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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

LAVVA: Explore, work, and play on the go with LAVVA Sphere—your mobile supercomputing hub.

The LAVVA Sphere is an on-the-go supercomputer, designed to provide users with a quiet and soundproof environment for a variety of digital needs, including work, gaming, and meditation, even in noisy public spaces like airports and malls​​. The design approach highlights its mobility and adaptability, allowing users to access a high-powered computing environment wherever they are.

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About the Designer

Omar El Shentenawy, OCADU

My name is Omar Shento, an industrial and product designer dedicated to transforming the design landscape. With experience in UX/UI, strategic foresight, product management, and 3D modeling, I am deeply committed to innovation in the design universe. I am eager to bring visionary ideas to life and make a significant impact in the field.