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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

LEMA (Locate, Extract, Medically Attend)

LEMA – Locate, Extract, Medically Attend. Historically the quality of Nunavut emergency medical care has been compromised by the need to travel by air. Attendants’ ability to treat, and their own well being, are compromised by the ill-equipped and cramped spaces of aircraft. LEMA is a high-speed, fully-equipped, mobile emergency medical treatment centre. Designed to travel any Arctic terrain, it provides a technologically current, and fully equipped, treatment bay which is ergonomically designed to maximize the safety, well being, and effectiveness of the medical personnel. Treatment is engaged from the moment of initial contact. Attendant and patient are secure, and when necessary, travel is fast and effective. LEMA provides meaningful and responsive emergency medical care for the people of the far north while keeping their culture, environment and psychological needs in mind.



About the Designer


Hilary Leehane

While dwelling in my imagination and looking beyond the forms of this world, my sketching and model making are reflective of my pursuit of fresh ideas to shape the forms of the future. When working in creative teams I have the ability to collaborate and bring out the talents and abilities in others by encouragement and receptiveness.