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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Live/Work City

Live/Work City is a toolkit to help stakeholders understand, discuss, and co-design new typologies of artist live/work housing. In a city where rising costs and shrinking spaces are pushing out creative workers, how can we design new types of housing that meet the live/work needs of artists, yet work within current developments? Working with the City of Toronto as a client and in close collaboration with stakeholders, the aim of this project is to develop a tool that helps artists, planners, developers, architects, community members, and other interested parties get together, input their criteria, and visualize live/work possibilities. The kit urges users to explore housing plans that balance artist, business, and social needs. It provides strategies, methods, and flexible tools that break down the complex considerations into a simple framework, helping facilitate a co-creation process for the future of live/work housing. This product and approach brings bottom-up innovation to city planning and can be applied to many other civic issues, opening way for collaborative design and creative solutions.




About the Designer

Lanxi Dong

I am a designer who is interested in the spaces and systems that we occupy and interact with. What drives me to design is the potential to bridge gaps between people and complex systems, using critical and creative thinking to reimagine the way we live.