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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Living Water

The Living Water project is a system of products carefully designed and strategically installed to increase water consumption, physical activity, and sense of positive convergence and community for people working in small to middle sized institutions and business. The products share a theme connecting water, nature, and human health. The Living Water Bottle features an embedded live plant that is hydrated as a person drinks from it. Aesthetically attractive, the bottle entices its owner to drink regularly to keep the plant thriving. Properly hydrated people perform better physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Shared Water Dispenser features a floating self-watering terracotta planter that celebrates life, both workers’ and plants’, in otherwise sterile environments. The Kinetic Water Fountain and Living Green Chandelier creates a space for interactions, both communal and collaborative. The Living Water products help alleviate the ennui, anxiety, depression, and isolation adults often experience when spending inordinate time behind desks and in front of screens.

About the Designer

Victoria Biglands, OCAD University

Victoria Biglands is a multi-disciplinary designer from Toronto focusing on product development and experience design.