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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Lotus: Let Nature Take Care Of You. Prescription Management, without the Clinic.

Over 117 Million Americans live with a life-long illness requiring daily medication.

Over 50% of these patients do not adhere to their medication regime, making it the #1 reason patients do not recover.

The currently existing internet-connected prescription management systems do not address a patient’s adherence factors (pictured on left), leading to lack of use.

By integrating IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) technology, a solution that is Discreet, Dependable, Desirable, and Portable is possible… Introducing Lotus.

Lotus is an IoT-Based Intuitive Prescription Management, prioritizing easy and reliable access to medication adherence data for individuals and caretakers treating long-term illnesses.


About the Designer

Abdullah Khan, Carleton

I am a designer that likes to explore the unconventional and subversive, and I like to use cutting-edge tools and digital design techniques to think four-dimensionally. Exploring and integrating metaphors which can blend form within function is crucial to my process, and I want to use generative tools, AI, and rapid prototyping techniques to explore metaphor within the product design process.