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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

LucidX: Your Emotional Experience Dashboard.

LucidX is a Visceral Experience System based on my development of the Visceral Experience Systems Design methodology. LucidX aims to ethically take hold of the powerful abilities of Visceral stimulation so as to provide stakeholders and system and product developers with the necessary edge to overcome the next stage in Human-Techno integration. This project is the result of exploring a succinct example of a system which harnesses the most affective and ethically impactful elements of what defines the human experience. LucidX allows for a new extension of reality, crafted to bring the richness the Human Experience into the palm of your hand through augmented reality, immersive audio, vivid visuals, dynamic haptics, and intuitive creativity. Redefine the digital and physical world through empowered emotional experiences wherever you are.

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About the Designer

Cole Carvalho, OCADU

My Name is Cole Carvalho and with over a decade of design thinking development; I believe truly good design solutions are achieved thorough research and establishing a succinct priority of needs for a minimalistic application of design. I’m driven to see a better world where technological interfacing feels natural, powerful and human.