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Shopify Design Research Award

Lumilinks : Social technological play for preschool-age children

Lumilinks is a modular system of life size building blocks that have touch sensitivity, lights and sound. Each block connects by Bluetooth to an app on a mobile device. The app generates endless activities and games for children to do in a collaborative and physical setting. The aim of this product is not to eliminate technology, but use it in a way that enhances play in the physical world and encourages social interaction.

Lumilinks – How it’s used from Sheena Hardwick-Kelly on Vimeo.

About the Designer

Sheena Hardwick-Kelly, Carleton University

I am a motivated individual with a passion to create innovative and fun products. As designers, I believe we have the responsibility to create meaningful and considerate products that contribute to societal strength and human well-being, especially when designing products for children.

Sheena’s website is at https://sheenahardwickkelly.com/