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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Mama Care: Postpartum Care for Immigrant Women

Mama Care is a digital service app that gives immigrant women the opportunity to create awareness on postpartum struggles with public or personal support systems, practice community building and provide accessible products/ resources based on professional, cultural and relevant preferences.

My thesis project explores design opportunities and creating awareness towards Immigrant women’s postpartum struggles in West. Throughout the project, I dove into in depth user research to identify reoccurring issues and gaps in existing resources and tools provided for women who have recently given birth, what the postpartum experience is like for immigrant VS non-immigrant families, who is involved and patterns of emotional and physical recovery struggles found in postnatal women in the west.

About the Designer

OCAD, University

My name is Simrah and I am an Industrial and UX Research Designer from Toronto. My focus is mainly on integrating high level user experience and scientific research towards design for Healthcare and Wellness.