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ACIDO Rocket Third Place

Shepp ID Health & Wellness Award

MANTA: Lifeguard Rescue Device

MANTA is an upgraded lifeguard “Can.” The lifeguard Can is a tubular buoy made out of hard plastic and is designed to keep the person in distress afloat. While helping a drowning person, the lifeguard’s safety is threatened as the victim can harm the lifeguard during their state of panic. The objective of the MANTA device is to keep the victim afloat and help the lifeguard transport them to shore with the help of an electric powered water jet propulsion system integrated into the buoy. The system will help the lifeguard swim in order to conserve their energy. The MANTA is large enough to allow the rescuer to secure the victim to the top of the buoy, keeping them elevated out of the water, and transported to shore safely.



About the Designer

Joseph Clayton, Sheridan College

Joseph Clayton is an Indonesian industrial designer currently based in Oakville, Ontario. His designs are human centred and is inspired by technical engineering. Clayton loves prototyping through physical and digital models. He believes that his cohesive and tenacious methods of industrial design allows him to achieve products that are visually appealing and well constructed.